What Makes Small Coolers the Coolest Portable Ice Chest

The best things in life can be found in small coolers. Well, fresh fruit juices, canned beers, ice cream and ice pops are nothing but ordinary stuffs inside your good old fridge. At the comforts of your own kitchen, there is nothing marvelous about a cold bottle of fresh milk or beer.

For the sake of argument, imagine yourself thirsty after a hot and spicy lunch right in the middle of the Sahara desert under the African sun. How you wish for an ice cold beer or for a glassful of cold fruit juice. Perhaps, you would not think twice swigging a bottle of lukewarm beer. It goes without saying, there are places and occasions that brings out the best in something. In the case of fruit juices and beers, they are best served when chilled though not necessarily always in the desert. mccoy cooler

If you think bringing your 7-cubic feet refrigerator to the Sahara just to keep your food and drink cool makes sense. No, it does not make any sense at all and it is not cool. And do not ever think about bringing the Sahara to where your fridge is.

The dilemma in bringing food and drinks across different places while keeping them cool and fresh was solved when small coolers were invented. Since then, food and drink stays fresh, cool and at their best for longer periods during picnics, vacation and holidays whenever and wherever.

Portable ice chests and coolers are usually made from plastic. In between its interior and exterior shells is a hard type of foam to help lessen the effect of heat transfer. Disposable coolers, on the other hand, are made from styrene foam. Ice chests and coolers have molded-in handles and shoulder straps for easy handling.

Small coolers come in different colors and styles so designed to fit different occasions, places and even personalities. There are coolers for those who love adventure, music, and sports. Choose your coolest cooler from the list:

*Beach Bag Cooler – It keeps your foods and drinks cool for hours and can double as a day bag.
*Picnic Wine Cooler – It keeps your wine at the ideal temperature and can double as a champagne cooler.
*Music Coolers – This innovative cooler plays your favorite music while keeping your drinks cool.
*Golf Bag Cooler – The golf enthusiast’s wellspring of cold drinks.
*Collapsible Rolling Cooler – It can easily collapse for easy storage.
*Cooler Chair – You can sit on it in comfort and reach for your drink anytime.
*Lunch Box Cooler- It features complete lunch accessories you can bring anywhere.
*Backpack Cooler – This cooler is ideal for long trips or travel.
*Cooler with Grill – It features complete accessories for a barbecue.
*Fishing Cooler – It comes with a tackle box, perfect for the ardent fisherman.

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