Upgrade Your Hotel Room and Rental Car For Free

It is possible to get upgraded without having to pay for the Jacuzzi and Roman-style balcony – if you know how to play your cards right.

Here are some ways to get upgraded from room 101 to suite 1011.

Frequent Flyer Points

With the right credit card, it is possible to redeem your accumulated frequent flyer points for a better hotel room. Check the deal as it may be better to use them to enjoy cheaper flight tickets.

Join Loyalty Programs

If you stay regularly at a particular hotel, ask about signing up for loyalty programs. Many are free and with enough visits, you can earn your way to an upgrade.

Bring More Business for the Hotel

For business travellers, book your meetings at the same hotel. Thus, you’ll establish a cordial working relationship with the hotel by bringing it business, and your efforts will not be wasted.

Ask for Freebies

Sometimes all it takes is just one’s boldness in asking for special deals or discounted rates before booking your room.

Charm the Service Staff 분당풀싸롱

Being your friendly self is free and the correct dose of schmoozing and socializing will ensure you’re remembered at the hotel. Always be friendly and if the staff remembers you the moment you check in, you may find yourself staying in an available king suite.

Complain Incessantly

Rock stars do it all the time. Ask Oasis. If you can charm the socks off the service staff, speak up vocally and make it known that you can be compensated with a better room. If the view from your window is a brick wall rather than the skyline, complain and demand to be reimbursed.

Now that you and your travel companion got the room with the view, complete bar, and fireplace, you may never want to leave it. But if you do venture out into the streets, you may need to rent a car

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