How to Choose an Oven? A Look at Home Appliance Ovens

The Presto PopLite

This is a useful home appliance that will improve on your usual popcorn popping using the microwave bag. The Prestor PopLite is a low maintenance household appliance which pops corn using hot air generated by the unit. It can also add butter to your corn. Overall it has been praised for popping corn without the need to use oil which is appreciated by health conscious individuals. As a result of this the Presto produces low calorie popcorn.

In terms of price, this is a mass consumer product selling for under $20.00 at different online and offiline stores. It has been highly rated by thousands of people who use it daily to make popcorn quick and easy. Complaints associated with this product have had to do with what some users have called a short lifespan of the appliance lasting some months. In this case the electric motor for hot air would have seized. Overall this is an appliance to have in the new year. home appliances vijayanagar

The Wonder Washer

The Wonder washer is one of its kind. It is a portable washing machine which can easily be carried from one place to another. It is a plug and play washing machine requiring a power outlet and it’s ready to start doing your laundry. It requires no plumbing work to be done at all. The Wonder washer is suitable for use in dorms and apartments were space is limited and one is always on the move. It is also best suited to do small item laundry such as underwear, socks, t-shirt, a shirt a top and so on.

The popularity and convenience of this washer has been around its ability to severely cut annoying and repeated trips to the laundromat. This is particularly the case in a dorm or apartment set-up. There is however a downside to the Wonder Washer. Due to its size it has no rinse cycle. You will need to rinse the laundry yourself. This has not taken much from its popularity and usefulness. The Wonder Washer sells for about $50.00

These appliances are likely to impact your home lifestyle positively in the new year. Quick and easy to set-up and to use. Even when moving or traveling both units are easy to manage in terms of moving them. Shopping for these units during the holiday season into the new year will also likely put you in the path of meaningful discounts on these appliances. Reading other user reviews of these appliances will also shed more light in terms of what to expect when using these home appliances.



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